Flamenco Dance - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega

Flamenco Dance

What will you learn?

For beginners without any notion of flamenco, to professional dancers looking to perfect their technique. Learn to dance flamenco at Escuela José de la Vega with the best teachers.


The level of Begginers I is aimed at all those people who want to start dancing flamenco and have no previous training, that is, this is their first contact with the world of flamenco.

After the first year, the training continues to be developed in the Initiation II and III courses.

The learning of the initiation block is acquired during the first 3 years of training.



The Intermediate level is aimed at those who have danced flamenco for at least 4 years. In this case and depending on the skills of each one, the person will be placed in the level that best suits him/her.

In addition, we have three different levels: Intermediate l/ Intermediate ll and Advanced Intermediate.



Those dancers who wish to become professionals in the world of flamenco will be able to continue developing their art in these advanced level classes.

Where we work on technique, resources to dance improvising, learn to organize a stick and know how to characterize it with movements and markings. We also work on composition and choreography, getting to know the cante and the different styles of the palos.