Sevillanas - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega


What will you learn in Sevillanas lessons?

We offer you Sevillanas lessons in the best school in Barcelona and the best teachers. Come and enjoy the art and joy of Sevillanas lessons!

Sevillanas are the most danced regional dance in Spain and also internationally, crossing borders and reaching all continents thanks to its mixture of passion and joy.

A sevillana is divided into four coplas. The four movements of the dance
are: paseíllos, pasadas, careos and remate.

These are for many the opportunity to the world of flamenco. Because flamenco and sevillanas are the fussion of art and emotion.

Get ready for La Feria and El Rocío and learn to dance sevillanas with us.