Flamenco guitar - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega

Flamenco guitar

What will you learn in flamenco guitar lessons?

Our flamenco guitar classes allow the student to acquire and perfect the necessary technical knowledge to be able to accompany the different styles of flamenco in the modalities of guitar accompaniment to dance, singing and solo guitar.

The classes last two hours and are divided into two phases of

First phase

The student will work the different flamenco types actively accompanying the dance and singing, knowing the structure of flamenco dances and the different styles of singing of each flamenco type.

This first phase of study allows the student to interact with his fellow singers and dancers from the beginning, learning the knowledge of accompaniment through practice.

Second phase

The student will learn the different techniques of guitar accompaniment to dance and singing as well as the techniques of musical composition of the palo being worked on.

In this second phase the student will have a weekly study plan to improve his technique and musical composition according to his level, focusing on the flamenco palo that is being worked on in the first hour of work at

José de la Vega’s school has José Manuel Saucedo, a guitarist with a national and international professional career.