Castañuelas - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega



  • Rocio Chacon

What will you learn?

Castañuelas are a symbol of our culture and their sound is representative of the flamenco art. It is an instrument that is more than 3,000 years old and is ideal for marking rhythms, since in flamenco it is used to accompany dance and singing.

Castañuelas seems a simple instrument but they hide a great complexity and mastering it to the point of not needing to “think” about the actions performed by our hands takes time, and that is why it is necessary to repeat it for a while, increasing the speed progressively, until the sounds of the clapping melt.

In these classes we work on finger technique and rhythm through specific exercises, creating a good base and providing a progressive learning process. In addition of includding castañuelas to the flamenco dance to work the
individual and group coordination.