Flamenco teacher in Barcelona : Escuela José de la Vega


The teachers of the José de la Vega School in Barcelona is made up of professional artists with a great trajectory behind them. They impart with rigor and passion the values of flamenco and all its variants. They live by and for the teaching of this art and form of expression such as flamenco dance.

Each of our professionals will accompany students from the beginning to the end of their learning process. Instilling a passion for flamenco is one of the main objectives of our school.

Toni Moñiz

Director and flamenco teacher
Escuela baile flamenco José de la Vega Barcelona | Enrique Rojo

Enrique Rojo

Co-director and teacher of sevillanas
Escuela de baile flamenco Barcelona | Sara Barrero

Sara Barrero

Sevillanas teacher
Profesor de guitarra flamenca José Manuel Saucedo
Flamenco guitar teacher
profesora canto barcelona miriam vallejo
Flamenco and singing teacher
Flamenco and Sevillanas teacher
Escuela de baile flamenco Barcelona Ainhoa García
Flamenco teacher