Ainhoa García - Flamenco teacher for children | Escuela José de la Vega

Ainhoa Garcia

Flamenco dance teacher

Ainhoa García has been dancing flamenco since she put on her first dancing shoes. Specifically since he was 6 years old.

After graduating in Tourism at the age of 20, he lived in Manchester, Dublin, Milan and Lisbon. It was then that flamenco impregnated his roots, his way of expressing himself, his language and his life in general.

This led her to train with the best teachers and schools.

More about Ainhoa García

Since 2013 she lives in Barcelona, where she teaches dance classes (to groups and individuals) in schools and centers.

He has performed in several tablaos and cultural spaces.

His goal is very clear: to transmit his love and passion for Flamenco.