The school - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega

The School

Escuela baile flamenco José de la Vega Barcelona


We have teached numerous artists who currently belong to prestigious dance companies.

Escuela baile flamenco José de la Vega Barcelona


We have a vocation for the art of flamenco and all its disciplines from day one.

Escuela baile flamenco José de la Vega Barcelona


Both our teachers and our guests are always the best artists on the scene.

José de la Vega School

Meet the School

The School is a centre of activity. Besides being an obligatory place for those who think about Spanish Dance in Catalonia, every year it receives the crowd that is attracted by the word of mouth of their compatriots.

Our flamenco lessons, “the standard bearers of the School”; singing; guitar; tablao flamenco; castañuelas; palmas and sevillanas.

We are always in touch with old friends and new promises of flamenco. We invite the best teachers and dancers.

The space

The school has three classrooms. With easy access for people with reduced mobility.

Given the environmental characteristics of the large hall, labeled Vicente Escudero, didactic lectures have been given:

– Carmen Amaya “En la azotea del viento”, by Francisco Hidalgo.
– Encarnación López “La Argentinita” and Federico García Lorca” by Rafael Morales.
– Antonia Mercé “La Argentina” by Trini Borrull.
– History of Spanish Dance” by Rosita Segovia.
– “Vicente Escudero “Asentado y Pastueño’ by a José de la Vega. Illustrated with films and photographs of each of the characters, all of them culminating with the performance of famous artists of the different facets of Flamenco.
– Great collection of earrings by the multifaceted artist Lluis Ventós entitled “Los Corales” in 2010.

Do you want to rent our space?

We open our facilities for film locations, room rentals for rehearsals, photo shoots or video clip shoots.