Cante - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega


What will you learn?

Singing flamenco is an art that reaches all five senses, it is the purest expression of the coexistence of culture and and the diversity of the Andalusian people.

In these classes you will learn to sing main and derivative styles of Alegrías, Bulerías, Soleá, Siguiriya, Tientos, Tangos, etc.
On the other hand, we work on vocal technique, the guitarist’s interaction, compás and the basic structures of a ”cante” and a dance with the objective of learning to sing to accompany the dance.

You will also broaden your knowledge of the characteristic vocabulary of flamenco singing: Temple, lyrics, “tercios”, “cuerpos”, verses…

To sing flamenco it is not necessary to have a certain type of voice, the voice is something unique to each person and all are valid to sing flamenco. That is why we believe in the importance of enhancing the personality of each ”cantaor” and ”cantaora” who passes through our school.