José Manuel Saucedo - Flamenco guitar : Escuela José de la Vega


Flamenco guitar teacher

Flamenco guitarist from Cádiz. He began playing the guitar in his hometown at the age of 10 years old, training with top guitarists such as Manolo Sanlucar and Gerardo Núñez.

At a professional level he began to play in the ”peñas” of his province accompanying singing and dancing and participating in the flamenco festivals of the different provinces of the Spanish geography accompanying new and established artists such as Andrés Peña, Mercedes Ruiz, Juan Ogalla, El Junco, Mariana Cornejo, Ana Salazar, Rosario Toledo, Enrique el Extremeño, Simón Román, José Anillo, El pulga, Adrián Galia, etc.

More about José Saucedo

Later he moved to Seville, Madrid to work in tablaos such as Casa Patas, Las brujas, Las carboneras etc… and later to the city of Barcelona to establish his residence and work in different tablaos of the city, among others; El Carmen, El Cordobés and Los Tarantos sharing stages with artists such as Belén Maya, Rafael de Carmen, Olga Pericet, Marcos Flores, Manuel Liñán, El Barullo, Mayte Martín, Juan Ramón Caro, José Luis Montón, Chicuelo, Rocio Molina, La Moneta, Concha Jareño Terremoto, among others.

He has shared the stage with artists such as Esperanza Fernández, El Pele, Rafel Riqueni, El Zambo, Aurora Vargas, Niño de Pura, Manolo Franco.

It is worth mentioning the collaboration with the choreographer Javier La Torre for the creation of the music of the choreography; “De Cai a los Puertos”.

At the European level he has participated in various flamenco festivals in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and at the international level he has worked in tablaos in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan) as well as in festivals organized in Japan.

He currently works in the tablaos of Barcelona and participates in the different flamenco festivals that take place at national, European and international level and participates in the musical creation of different choreographies.