Palmas - Clases de Flamenco y Sevillanas en Barcelona, Escuela José de la Vega


What will you learn?

Do you want to learn how to compass? So, this is your class. You will learn how to play palmas in the different flamenco palos, understanding the compas, in order to accompany the dance and the singing.

Flamenco palmas is part of its idiosyncrasy, sometimes becoming the only musical accompaniment to singing and dancing.

Flamenco compás is the basic sequence that shows the rhythmic patterns with the accentuations of the flamenco palo being played.

Flamenco palos have very different metrics and rhythms that are out of the ordinary of other styles of singing and dancing. For this reason, palmas in flamenco are another element, as important as the guitar, and it is a whole art.
master them well.